Homemade Almond Milk with a Blender and Nut Milk Bag

Nut Milk Bag Almond Milk RecipeThere are no two ways about it: homemade almond milk beats store bought 100% of the time. Sure, it may seem convenient to pick up a carton of Silk or Dream, but what also ends up coming home with yo are preservatives that make that almond milk able to stay sellable at the grocery store for months.

Why Home-Made Almond Milk is your Best Option

Boxed almond milks are also full of additives like synthetic vitamins and emulsifiers. Other than potentially toxic synthetic vitamins and minerals, a typical carton of store bought “almond milk” contains additives and sugars. Even the unseated and organic products contain some degree of them.

Homemade Nut Milks are a Cinch to Make with a Blender and Nut Milk Bag!

Don’t get overwhelmed at the thought of making your own. It’s just 4 easy steps: soaking, blending, straining and storing.

Ingredients & Tools:

1 cup raw almonds

2 cups water to soak the almonds

3.5 cups filtered water to blend

2 – 4 pitted Medjool dates, optional

1 whole vanilla bean, or 1 tsp vanilla extract, optional


1. Soak the almonds.

Soaking the almonds for at least 8 hours will allow them to germinate and reduce their phytic acid and neutralize the enzyme inhibitors. It also makes for easier to blend, creamier almond mind. If you forget to soak overnight, you can probably get away with 1 – 2 hours just prior to blending.

2. Drain and rinse the almonds, and place into your blender along with the filtered water, pitted dates and chopped vanilla bean.

3. Blend on the highest speed for 1 – 1 and a half minutes.

4. Place a nut milk bag over a large bowl, and slowly pour the almond milk mixture into the bag. Gently squeeze the bottom of the bag to release all of the milk, while taking care to keep the top of the bag cinched closed to prevent pulp from spilling out.

5. Transfer the almond milk into a glass mason jar and store for up to 4 days (making sure to first pour yourself a tall glass to enjoy!). Share the jar very well before using.

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