Bag Care

Vita Nut MIlk Bag Care

Rinse your Vita Nut Milk Bag before its first use

Before you make your first batch, please rinse the bag in water. Feel free to use 1 drop of dish washing soap during this process. You may use the bag immediately after it has rinsed, or feel free to set the bag to dry. More on drying instructions below.

After using your bag, feel free to set aside the pulp if you want to use it in another recipe, or dispose of the pulp in the garbage if you don’t plan on using it (same goes for coffee grounds). Then simply rinse the bag with water in your sink. Then turn the bag inside out, and rinse again.  Again, you may use a small drop of dish soap when you’re rinsing, but it’s not necessary.
Nut Milk Bag Drawstring

You can hang the bag to dry by its drawstring

After that, you can set the bag to dry.

Drying: Some Vita Nut Milk Bag users hang their bags by the drawstring. You may also to stand it up over a mason jar, or on top of a dish towel. Because of the drawstring and material of the bag, it’s super easy to stand up.  That is better than drying it flat.
Nut Milk Drying Image

Alternatively, you can stand the bag to dry upside down on your counter, or on a dish cloth

Tips: Use the bag turned “inside out” so

that the seams are on the “outside.” This way, the bag is easier to clean because no pulp or grounds will get stuck in the seams.