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Vita’s Nut Milk Bag is the Best Rated Mesh Strainer Bag on Amazon! Click the box above to read our customer testimonials and reviews before adding the bag to your cart.

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Receive your Nut Milk Bag from Amazon, and your purchase is made with absolute peace of mind.

Extra Large Size Means You Save Time

With Vita’s XL Bag Size of 12″x10″, you’re able to strain more nut milk and juice in one batch, which means you save time. The rounded bottom means less mess, and the bag easily turns inside out for easy clean-up

Easy Clean Up And Drying

With its rounded corners and extra durable food-grade nylon mesh, Vita’s Nut Milk Bags are easy to clean and dry for the most hygienic and convenient every day use.

Get Yours On Amazon Now

Get Yours On Amazon Now

About Vita Nut Milk Bag

Vita is a home brand dedicated to bring you the most important tools for your home and kitchen that you need to create the healthiest environment for you and your family. Our products help you have more control over what goes in, and on, your loved ones. For example, our durable, food-grade nylon mesh nut milk bag strainer allows you to make cost effective and preservative-free almond milks, cashew milks, green juices and more! Use the drawstring bag to sprout beans and lentils. Hang the bag over a bowl overnight for at home thick Greek yogurt.


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